Which Metal do I choose and what is the difference?

Which Metal Should I choose and What is the Difference?

White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, palladium, platinum, contemporary metals… there are a few more but I’ll save you from all the confusion! Let’s start with which color metal to choose.

Would you say the person receiving the ring wears more yellow or white jewelry? What is the persons lifestyle like? Will they be the soft and gentle type on the ring or more the active type? Does the person tend to have allergic reactions to silvers or white gold? These are definitely factors you will want to consider.

In today’s market, I would say the most popular color of metal is white. Either white gold or platinum. What I tell my customers is, if you have room in the budget for platinum, go for platinum, if not white gold is a great alternative and more affordable. The main differences between the two are:

  • Platinum is naturally white as well as hypo-allergenic. The only maintenance it will require is a polish. Also, platinum is malleable and is just misplaced metal when scratched. A detailed polish will put everything back into place.
  • White gold is naturally yellow. Jewelers use what is called a rhodium plating which covers the yellow gold to give it a nice white luster. Depending on how the receiver wears the ring, will determine how often you need to have it plated. Hand sanitizers, cleaning products and soaps tend to speed the process but, it’s a simple fix. You will have the ring re-rhodium plating to bring back the shine. Here is a video I found of the plating process if you’d like more info. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=9koIgnvV5fg
  • Palladium was introduced as a precious metal in 1939 as a naturally white alternative to platinum. It can be used for people with allergies as nickel is not part of the makeup. It’s a strong metal but not as easy to cast.
  • Yellow gold and rose gold are trying to make a come back. The rose gold seems to have the upper hand at the moment. These two choices would be more of the preferred metals. You know he or she prefers the yellow or pinkish/copperish tones.
  • Rose gold, like other metals is offered in 14kt and 18kt. The 14kt will have a more pinkish tone versus the 18kt which is more of a copperish finish. They are both beautiful and very popular.

No matter your style, there is something for everyone! Let me help you!

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