Solitaire Engagement Rings

Simple, Elegant and Classic

With so many different setting styles offered, I would like to discuss one of the most popular! Your SOLITAIRE setting. Smooth plain metal, showcasing just the diamond. It’s comfortable and perfect for the one requesting “not to flashy.” It’s simple and easy to match a wedding band as well.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding on a solitaire setting:

Band Width: The band width comparison to the center stone – Do you want something thin, more in the 2mm range or something with a little more width, say 2.5mm-3mm. You also have your wider bands at 4mm+. Depending on the center diamond shape and size you choose, you’ll want to consider how it’s accented.

Tapering Band or No Taper: A taper in the band, towards the diamond will help accent the diamond. It will also help make the diamond appear just slightly larger than it’s actual size. When comparing a tapered tip of about 1.8mm to an average .75ct (approx.5.8mm) diamond, the difference gives off a nice contrast. You can also do no taper and have the band one width all the way around. Personal preference definitely plays a role in this feature.

Head (Holds the center stone) Style: This again will depend on the diamond shape and size you choose. With the fancy shaped diamonds such as princess, pear and marquise you want to choose a prong style to protect the pointed ends of the diamond. A v-tip style is often recommended. With round diamonds, your main concern is a 4 or 6 prong style. These are all about preference and will be equally as strong.

~You also have the bezel and half bezel styles. The styles surround the diamond with metal. All the way around the diamond is considered a full bezel and half way around the diamond, half bezel.

Prongs: How the prongs will appear is another thing to consider. Will you have 4 or 6? The tip of the prongs can also differ in appearance. They have be rounded off, split prongs or maybe a claw prong (pointed tip). Many people ask, is 6 prongs better than 4. No, they will be equal as far as durability, so go for the most you find most appealing.

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring can be challenging. With so may options to consider, the solitaire is the most traditional. Getting into the diamond settings and custom settings can be a bit more involved but also unique and amazing! All in all, it’s important to find someone to work with whom is knowledgeable in all areas, especially diamond cut and setting styles. Contact us @HelpBuyingADiamond to connect with a consultant.


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