One on One Diamond Consulting

Allow us to be your personal guide, walking you through the jewelry buying process. We will help you make sense of online jewelry shopping, while assisting you in selecting the best quality and value for your money. With our one on one, personal consulting, your experience will be nothing less than extraordinary. Together we will build the most breathtaking piece imaginable, something you will be PROUD to present!

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Diamond Selection

What is the purpose of a diamond? If you answered sparkle, pat yourself on the back! In order to produce a diamond with sparkle, brilliance and scintillation, you must have the correct angles and proportions all working together correctly. Our desired dealer has hand selected diamond rough due to the brilliance and accuracy of their cuts. They are upfront and honest, putting integrity at the top of the list. Producing diamonds with ideal cut proportions which are absolutely breath-taking. Allow us to help select a diamond that best fits your needs.

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Setting Selection and Design

Not sure where to start on a Custom Engagement Ring or maybe just need some help selecting a setting style? Allow Help Buying A Diamond to assist you.

Each person is unique and deserves something that fits their personalities perfectly. Lifestyles are also something to take into consideration when selecting the diamonds forever home. Finding a trusted Master Craftsman, someone to build and produce a piece that will last a lifetime can be challenging. With so many pieces being outsourced and made with less quality products, it can be a scary world with the millions of suppliers.

Help Buying A Diamond knows and guarantees the desired dealers quality. Through their precise methods, award-winning designers and top quality, you're guaranteed to get a work of art. Together we can design or select the perfect piece that will last a lifetime.

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Diamond Education

Starting the engagement ring or jewelry purchase can be an eye opener. Many people do not realize the depth of diamond details and how important it is to have a strong grasp on what you're doing. At Help Buying A Diamond, you can speak one on one with a consultant to educate you and get you steered in the right direction. You will get a strong understanding of what the 4 C's are and how they play a role in your decision. Please feel free to have your questions ready and Contact Us today!

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