Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are making a big wave in the diamond world. These fancy cut diamonds are each unique with all kinds of cut parameters. With oval cut diamonds, it’s important to understand the cut and what to expect. Fancy shaped diamonds can be challenging when searching for the perfect diamond. Unlike round diamonds with ideal cut proportions established, ovals vary in many ways.

To start, you want to decide on the shape you’d like to see from the oval shaped diamond. You can search for a wider, shorter oval cut or a elongated diamond, more thin and long. This will be shown to you in the length to width ratio. The ideal range for length to width for an oval is approximately 1.35-1.50. The 1.35 will be your wider, shorter shape with the 1.50 range being the longer, thinner shaped stone. Search for a diamond that fits within your personal preference.

Another area to keep in mind, with oval cuts diamonds as well as a few other shapes, such as marquise, a bow tie effect is inevitable. What you want to do is search for a diamond with more ideal proportions to help minimize this effect. It’s not something you can eliminate all together rather minimize the overall look. As with many shapes, seeing the diamond via in person or via photo is important. Also having a professional review the diamond, in hand, is another options which we always recommend.

Below I will list the ideal proportions you want to look for when searching for an oval cut diamond:

Cut Characteristics Ideal Proportions

Table 53 – 63%
Depth 58 – 62%
Polish/Symmetry EX/EX
Girdle Thin – Slightly thick
Culet None
Length to width ratio 1.35-1.50

Now color and clarity will vary based on your preference as well as budget. Oval cut diamond will show slightly more color than a round diamond. Depending on the color setting you will use for the diamond, this too may effect which color you choose to go with. A clarity rating of SI1 are possible and can be considered. Again, making sure you have a certificate and a professional to assist with the selection, you should be safe with an evaluation. VS2 and above will always be a safe bet with no concerns of visible inclusions.

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