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Shopping for the perfect diamond/diamond ring can be challenging. Most of us don’t know where to start and we do not realize the depth of knowledge necessary to make an informed decision. We are brought up thinking, a diamond is a diamond. Not true! Especially in today’s market.

The first place to start is with a budget. Set a budget that works for you, not what society or your friends tells you to spend. Once you have a set budget, decide on what shape you’d like the diamond to be, this is the center focus! The next thing to decide on is what is most important to you, would it be cut, size, color or clarity?

Now, this is where things will start to get a little difficult without some source of diamond knowledge. First thing to realize with diamonds is, there is no such thing as a “good deal,” you get what you pay for. If you find a diamond under priced from other comparable diamonds, that is your first indication, something isn’t right. If someone tells you they have an amazing diamond at a great price, be aware, you are most likely getting the bottom of the barrel.

With any shaped diamond, the angles and proportions will play the largest role in how the diamond performs. You can have two diamonds, same size, color and clarity that perform totally different. If one has poor angles, working against each other and the other is precision cut, your eye will be drawn to the one with the most sparkle and brilliance. Not necessarily the one with higher color/clarity combination. My advice is to find someone whom you trust to work with. Make sure they are looking after your best interest based on what is the most important factor for you. (

Color and clarity will vary based on your personal preference. Diamond cut will again play a major role in how these two factors perform. You can have two diamonds both G color and VS2 clarity. In order to face up and perform the same way, the cut needs to be precise. If one is not, it will not look as brilliant and bright as the one with precise proportions. Fancy shaped diamonds such as ovals, princess, pear, cushion, emeralds etc tend to show color a bit more due to the faceting patterns. Cut will be a key factor in making the best of the color/clarity combination in fancy shapes. (Brian Gavin Diamonds recently launched an ideal cut emerald line, here is some information to give you some insight on fancy cuts, such as emeralds: )

Finding the diamond is the first step in the diamond ring buying process. Once you have located the diamond, finding a setting can be somewhat challenging, especially without any expert advise. Ring size and metal type will need to be determined in order to get started. Next, decide on the design. Will it be something fancy with diamonds, something simple and elegant or a straightforward solitaire? You also have the option of custom design which is very popular and much easier than it sounds.

Diamond ring shopping should not be stressful or an event you put off due to high pressure sales or lack of knowledge. You should be in control of the purchase and what you want to invest your money in. After all, your loved one will be wearing the piece for many many years to come. Make the most informed decision possible, find someone who is willing to work for you and your needs, not the sale!

Katie Homuth – – Diamond and Jewelry Adviser

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