Cushion Cut Diamond Earrings

Loved putting these together!

Aaron reached out to me in January for a pair of cushion cut diamond earrings. He had already had a bad experience with online shopping and had to return an already purchased pair. Feeling a little uneasy, his brother referred him to me. I happen to have worked with his brother back in 2012.

With cushion cut diamonds, there is one true expert! Brian Gavin offers amazing cushions that give off the same type of brilliance as a round diamond. For anyone familiar with cushion cuts, they are not typically known for sparkle and brilliance. Together Aaron and I put together the perfect pair of diamond earrings!

They are amazing!!! I could not wait till our anniversary to give them to her so I just gave them to her last night. She loves them! The difference in quality between these and the ones I originally had prior to talking to you is unreal. I can not believe there is such discrepancy. I will never buy diamonds again without your input/advice. Thank you so much! I hope you and your family enjoyed the holidays! Take care,

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