Our Approach

With so many choices to make, one choice that makes a big difference is deciding who will help you make sense of all your options. At Help Buying A Diamond we will walk you through the diamond buying process, while ensuring top quality. We work one on one with you to educate and narrow down your desires for this special piece. We search through top online vendors to offer the best options to fit your needs. Not only will we guide you to the perfection diamond selection, we also specialize in setting selection and custom design. Contact us for more information and to get started with your one on one consultation.

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Our Story

Help Buying A Diamond was created with the idea in mind of working on the same side of the counter as the customer, representing their best interests. For many years, the founder of HelpBuyingADiamond.com, Katie Homuth worked for two very reputable online diamond dealers, representing and selling their in house inventories. With the inventories being top notch, there were times when she realized there were other options to consider. Options that better fit the clients requested parameters, could save the client a little money or even provide an overall better value. Katie Homuth discovered the need for more client representation, without the company influence.

With a degree in Hospitality Management from Stephen F. Austin State University, Katie started working for a family owned jewelry store in 2004. Discovering a new passion, she stayed with the company a little over a year. Moving on to the internet in 2005 with Whiteflash.com, she gained a new wealth of knowledge and the importance of diamond cut.

In 2009, she took a break to start and raise a family. By 2012, she was ready to dive back into the industry. Picking back up as a sales consultant with Brian Gavin Diamonds. Spending the next 5+ years making customers happy while working for a wonderful company.

In September of 2017 Help Buying A Diamond was launched. While venturing into new territories, as an Independent Diamond Jewelry Advisers, we hope you will allow us to work for you and represent your best interest. One on one we can build the perfect piece of jewelry.

Meet the Team

I am dedicated to working with you and creating a relationship that will last forever. It's extremely rewarding to be able to share my knowledge and expertise with others to ensure you are getting what you pay for. Through the years, I've witnessed some very dishonest practices and decided to be a voice for my clients to protect them from being taken advantage of. I also love just being part of such special occasions and being a personal guide during these milestone purchases!


Katie Homuth

Founder & Personal Jewelry Adviser



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