One on One Consulting

Shopping for an engagement ring can be challenging. Finding someone who you trust can be frustrating and time consuming. You will run into a few car salesmen along the way, pushing their terribly cut diamonds. You may even find out you know more than the clerk behind the counter.

Help Buying a Diamond will work with you one on one, educating you and helping you make an informed decision. Diamonds should be an investment, something you pass along to future generations. Make sure you purchase something your family will be proud of!

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Diamond Education

There is much more to learn about diamonds than just the 4 C's or the report listings. Research is necessary when deciding what is most important for you. To make an educated decision we can help with our one-on-one education consultation. Speak with an expert to walk you through the process. Learn what different things mean and what areas are most important. Take advice from someone working for you to give the real details. You can also click on the Education Blog for educational articles.

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Your Diamond Guide

At Help Buying A Diamond the main goal is to be on your side, representing your best interest during these important purchases. To help you not go into things blindly and educate you through the process. We have taken the guess work out of finding quality craftsman.


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