Brian Gavin Diamonds

Family trained, Gavin is a 5th generation diamond cutter. Growing up, he worked for his family’s diamond factory, learning everything he needed to know, including how to achieve unsurpassed visual balance in the cutting process – a talent that would later help him to capitalize on the U.S. diamond market. In an effort to grow the family diamond business, Gavin later immigrated to the U.S. Although it wasn’t until 1995 that Gavin purchased then Alpha Creations Inc. Selling to jewelers across the country, the company had established a wide wholesale customer base, but there was room for opportunity – or so Gavin felt.

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Victor Canera

Victor Canera proudly carries three signature cut diamonds. The Canera Ideal Hearts - Super Ideal Hearts and Arrows Diamond, the Canera European Round - Old European Cut Diamond and the Canera Antique Cushion - Old Mine Brilliant Inspired Cushion. VC had the distinction of internally developing and designing their signature cut diamonds which are manufactured for Victor Canera based on their strict parameters. Victor Canera's signature cut diamonds are backed by their excellent Upgrade\Trade up programs and other benefits. Victor Canera's signature cut diamonds feature full photo suites with ASET, IdealScope and Hearts\Arrows scope images and are verified by AGS Lab Reports with Ideal Cut proportions.

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Whiteflash Diamonds

Hailed as "Lord of the Online Rings" by the prestigious Kiplinger's Magazine, Whiteflash is a proud member of the American Gem Society specializing in Ideal Diamonds and Designer Engagement Rings. They are internationally known for expertise in the field of diamond light performance and their A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamonds are considered by experts to be among the finest diamonds in the world. Whiteflash is a core values driven company that takes social responsibility very seriously.

Whiteflash stocks a deep inventory of certified AGS Ideal diamonds, both round brilliant and princess cut, in three in-house categories. In addition to our A CUT ABOVE® brand, they stock two other categories of diamonds- Expert Selection and Premium Select. All diamonds in these three categories are available and posted to the website with a full set of gemological data and light performance imagery.

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